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Charlotte FieldsMarch 25th

It looks like we'll be having a lot of nights in due to the UK being on a three-week lockdown.

But we don't want a regular movie nights, oh no. We want extra special movie-bonanza nights in... you feel me?

So we thought we'd come up with a list of items... neay E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L items needed for a movie night in. You're welcome TOTUM members.


1 - Snacks


Snacks make films even better. I don't know about you but I can't watch a movie without munching on something sweet.

Enter, GBgifts. If you haven't heard of them, GBgifts bring you an incredible selection of limited edition, unusual snacks from all around the world. Treat yourself to your favourite chocolate bar that you just can’t seem to get your hands on anywhere else with GBgifts. With TOTUM, you can get 12% off.

2- Blanket


Of course you need to be all warm and snuggly while the newest flick it on your TV screens.

With this burrito blanket, you'll feel toasty and warm... like a burrito! All for just £14.29.

3- Huggable pillow


We're staying on the lines of ultimate comfort here.

With this shark huggable pillow, you can slip your arms through the middle to keep you warm. We also think it's perfect when watching a scary movie. The huggable shark will protect you... obvs. This will set you back £17.99.

4- Bean Bag Chair


Sometimes at the cinema you're stuck in a comfy old seat that hasn't been changed since the 1900's. Well being at home means you can choose whatever seat you'd like... so feel like a kid again in this bean bag chair, just £21.99

5- Fairy Lights


You’ll want the lights down low to recreate the feeling of being in the cinema, but you’ll also be needing a little light so you can always locate the popcorn bowl... so we're thinking fairy lights would be perfect to set the mood

With these LED lights you can even control them from a remote. Cuteness overload costing just £10.99.

6 - Cat Glass Tea Mug


Being at home means drinking copious amounts of tea. Having a cup of tea in the perfect mug is even better. Cat lovers are going to be obsessed with this! Enjoy this mug for £13.99 and be the coolest cat out there.

7 - Reuseable drinking straws


If we're gonna be eating and drinking we might as well make it slightly more eco-friendly. These super cool reuseable drinking straws cost just £4.99, they even come with cleaning brushes too.

8 - Mini-projector


With this mini-projector you can plug your phone in making your screen watchable for other people too. Perfect if you usually watch things on your tablet or mobile device. This costs £34.99.

9 - Film collectables


If you're taking it back to the old school, with TOTUM you can get 10% discount at Zavvi.

Zavvi have tonnes of collectables online. While watching The Hobbit, why not have hold of the book that made it all happen?

10 - Disney+


With all these items, I'm thinking it's got to be a Disney film you'll be watching.

The new home of all things Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, Disney+ brings together all your favourite stories in one place to provide endless entertainment for the whole family!

Get great discount on your Disney+ subscription with TOTUM. Get a 7 day free trial and then £5.99 a month. Let's do this!

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