What Is Finding Your Feet? | TOTUM
Ben HaywardJune 29th

Finding Your Feet is a joint campaign by TOTUM, Endsleigh Insurance and NUS to help students navigate the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic.

After talking to thousands of students about what they were experiencing, we realised that many young people were feeling forgotten among everything that was going on.

And with very little information being provided to help students deal with the specific set of problems they were suddenly facing, we felt it was important to try and help out where we could.

So, the three of us teamed up to create Finding Your Feet, a campaign to reassure students that even though things are tough at the moment, there are people out there who’ve got your back!


Having listened to some of the specific issues facing them, Finding Your Feet focuses on three main areas where students in particular have felt some of the most profound effects of the coronavirus pandemic; Mental Health, Finance and Study.

Working in partnership, we’ve pulled together some of the best resources out there for students who are struggling with the knock-on effects of Covid-19. 

Whether it’s advice on your finances with the NUS ‘Student Safety Net’ or the Open University’s free Money Management course, tips on how to look after your mental health from Student Minds or information on insuring your devices to make sure you stay connected from Endsleigh, Finding Your Feet can point you to the resource you need.

We’ve also been working with some students who've been sharing their thoughts on how coronavirus has affected them. From losing part-time work, to missing friends and negatively impacting your studies, however you're feeling about things at the moment it's fair to say you're not alone!

You can check out more on the Finding Your Feet sections of both the Endsleigh and NUS websites for more specific imformation, and don't forget to keep an eye on our social channels for more content to keep you informed, safe and ready for the next steps!

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