Callum SmithSeptember 13th

Summer blues already hit? No need to worry - because there's still time to book yourself a quick getaway in a bid to escape the temper-mental British weather.

Taking advantage of all of our need for another holiday now we're back to work and uni, Eurostar have slashed their prices - and they're seriously affordable.

As part of their big end of season sale, Eurostar are offering tickets to Paris, Lille, Calais and Brussels for as little as £29 one-way. So, if you’re planning a quick getaway with your mates before we say goodbye to the warmth, this is your chance.

If you’ve already made plans this month, don’t worry, there’s no need to rush - there's a generous travel window included, with deals valid on journeys between the 1st October 2019 through to the 17th January 2020.


If you enjoy visiting museums and galleries but don’t want to blow your travel budget, remember to take advantage of 2-for-1 entry at a host of museums and galleries in the likes of Brussels and Paris, simply by showing your Eurostar ticket at the gate.

If you’re looking for unusual travel spots to visit, Eurostar also offers trips to Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. You can purchase an ‘Any Belgian Station’ ticket for just £39 each way – an affordable way to discover a whole new city.

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